Featured Tesla

Tesla Model S Test Drive. Can I persuade Lizzy? Pt 1

I love this car, but I do go a bit gaga when I get near it. The kind of gaga where you find yourself spending £80k you don’t actually have. Bring in someone with a proper head for what works and what doesn’t when it comes to EV’s and cars in general – aka Lizzy, my wife.

Many thanks to Mark, the European Sales man for Tesla who really know his onions!

This is part one. I’ll continue it episodically.

Featured Lightning GT

Lightning GT interview

The Lightning was on show at the Ecovelocity show recently. Heres an interview with one of the Lightning designers. Click on the image to view video.

Featured Tango Tesla

Tesla vs Tango

The Tesla zips along at a fair old pace, especially when a Tango turns up.

I want to live in California – the sun shines and (a few) people get to drive great EV’s.

Click on the image to view video.