Citroen Mitsubishi imiev Paris Motor Show Peugeot

A look at the Peugeot I-MiEV, Citroen I-MiEV, and Mitsubishi I-MiEV EV

Whilst I was at The Paris Motor Show, I began to notice a theme amongst some of the automakers – namely Peugeot, Citreon and Mitsubishi. We love the BB1 from Peugeot, and the Survolt from Citroen, and what do we get? The I-MiEV! Click on the image to view video

Nissan Paris Motor Show

Nissan NuVu Concept EV

Nissan invited me to Paris the other day to take a look at the NuVu Concept EV, ahead of it’s debut at The Paris Motor Show. Blimey! That’s a sign of the times. A major manufacturer ready to make claims about release dates on EV’s. Things are looking up! It’s a very promising concept. Let’s hope the city car they produce will bear some resemblance to this one. Looks to me as though Nissan may leave the other manufacturers standing in the race to get a commercially sold EV runabout on the market.

Lithium Ion
125 KM Range
120 KMH Speed
3-4 Hour charge time with a 80% Quick charge in 10-20 mins.

Click on the image to view video….