NICE. No Internal Combustion Engine

A couple tried to hail me this morning. They thought I was a black London cab! Love to have seen them climb in the back for a fare… Anyway back to serious matters. This is the New "Nice", which stands for No Internal Combustion Engine. It has a 50 mile range and starts at £9995. London’s electric car releases continue and this one’s a nice little runabout (excuse the pun). Shame about there only being 2 seats again.
It’s great to see new vehicles here in London but it begs the question – will the major manufacturers actually ever release an EV? I’d be amazed if Smart offer more than the 200 they are promising and whether we will ever be able to buy one. Click on the image to view video. (6.6meg QT)

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9 thoughts on “NICE. No Internal Combustion Engine

  1. Hmm… Two seats… Left-hand drive, more expensive than the G-Wiz. I’m not convinced. It’s a shame because this car had a lot of potential. If it’s faster than the G-Wiz that may make all the difference but I think Sakura have their work cut out.

  2. Hey Danny,

    Nice video! (bad pun?) My Motorsports editor at the nascent American publication, National Gazette, is a young Brit who also attended this show and seemed to come to a similar conclusion: this car has a lot of potential, but fails in many ways currently.

    If you’re interested in joining any electric car conversations on the Gazette, please do as my American audience is intrigued by the concepts of electric or electric-hybrid cars, I guarantee, but they barely get any exposure to the options that are already out there…

    Hope to hear from you and once again, nice video!

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