Good news, but is my power renewable?

Good news from Camden Council. I was wrong about them not doing anything – they just hadn’t told anyone about it. They’ve introduced free parking for electric vehicles along with more charging points. If you charge your car from a renewable source you don’t even have to pay for the permit, otherwise they are £50 per annum! It got me thinking about my power from juice. I was on the phone talking bills with them on Saturday (as everyone is these days) and they told me that they “guarantee” to replace any electricity drawn from the national grid with energy drawn from renewable sources. Great! Thing is, there seem to be some questions out there over whether the green power we are being sold actually is green power. Take a look at this recent article.

I’m going to talk to some of the people involved in power generation to find out more. Whilst we are all gearing up to rush into the showrooms to buy all these electric cars, we may as well know they are being powered in the most efficient way.

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