Elektromotive Project Better Place UK Motor Show

Elektromotive. The Elektrobay Street Charging Posts

Calvey Taylor-Haw is a man with a mission. He runs Elektromotive, a company that produces The Elektrobay street charging posts. They’re very popular around the West end of London where I work. You get free parking and a chance to grab some much needed juice. Whilst there is much talk of Project Better Place and the like, this is one scheme that’s up, running, and proving that electric vehicles are a viable transport alternative. Keep ’em coming Calvey! I got a chance to catch up with him at The Motor Show back in July. Click on the image to view video.



On street charging bays

With the congestion charge and high parking costs, London is fast becoming a leading electric vehicle city. There’s a total of six models due to be on the roads here soon. With all these electic cars buzzing about, there’ll be a significant need for charging bays. Enter Elektromotive. You drive up to one of these little beauties and plug in right there on the street. The first intallations will be in Islington and Covent Garden in central London. Click on the image to view video. (5 meg QT).

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