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Travelling in the Hydrogen Nissan FCV Video

I got a chance to take a ride in Nissans hydrogen FCV. Very smooth, very responsive, very quiet…even goes a long way on a tank full. Now all we need is a few hydrogen filling stations. I think we’re up to three in the UK now..

Click on the image to view video.


One reply on “Travelling in the Hydrogen Nissan FCV Video”

Hello again Danny- as always, enjoyed the video- nice looking car, intriguing concept- but, honestly, I do not see a future for hydrogen fuel cells cars. Once you get down to it, it is still an EV, but used the Hydrogen to store the energy rather than a battery. Batteries, as expensive as they are now, are still orders of magnatude less expensive then creating the hydrogen for a fuel cell. Add to that the problems with containing such a small atom, the need, again for a fuel distribution system like petrol needs, and even todays’s batteries see to be a better choice. 10-15 years from now, batteries are only going to get cheaper and better, and, while batteries will require fast-charging stations between cities with very few in the city itself, the infrastructure will be easier to build. Hydrogen Fuel Cells are an interesing idea, just not the best one. But thanks for a very nice video. Did Nissan say when you will get to test-drive the leaf;-)

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