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My work is creating and placing video online. From small Instagram stories up to full scale TV and Cinema commercials and documentaries. Most recently I’ve been making films for charities such as Medicine San Frontiers.

We bought a small electric car called a Reva GWiz in 2005 and I decided to document my EV ownership experience on this site. At the time I wanted to understand how video was evolving online in the world of blogging and clean transport seemed a good place to start. This was around the time 2 guys started a company called Youtube in a garage in California. I was one of the first 3 video bloggers in the UK at the time. The site scaled quickly into an almost full-time operation. There was a hungry and passionate audience out there who just couldn’t buy an Electric Car in most parts of the world. When the major manufactures got involved I was invited to many of the first EV launches globally with Nissan, Renault, GM and Tesla.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet a fantastically enthusiastic and committed bunch of people and I’ve filmed a huge amount of vehicles. Now that EV’s are finally going mainstream, I still want the passionate stories to tell.  So please get in touch if you have anything interesting in the clean transport / clean tech or video strategy space…

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My personal twitter is @dannyfleet

Or EV and clean transport related @PrimetimeEV

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Instagram and Facebook are at @primetimeEVshow

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