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Greenpower School Electric Car Finals

Every year children from schools from all over the UK build and race their own Electric Cars. It culminates in the Greenpower finals at Glorious Goodwood racetrack. I got access to the pit lane and the chance to talk to some of the kids about their projects. What an enthusiastic bunch they are – hopefully you’ll be driving their cars in the future.

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A Future Driver at the Future Car Show Pt 2

Here’s part 2. This time we look at the Vauxhall Ampera (or Volt equivalent for you Americans) and the Liberty E-Range Rover followed by a quick round up!

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A Future Driver at The Future Car Show

Its over to my 11 year old son this week. Seeing as his generation will be driving all those EV’s I thought we’d get his perspective on the cars of the future. Includes the pure EV Golf blue e motion, which has not been seen much yet, and look as though it’ll be as good as the Golf is now.

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Gordon Murray and the T25 at Future Car Challenge

Back in November I grabbed some footage of cars arriving in London at the end of the RAC Future Car Challenge on Regent Street. I got a few words with the great Gordon Murray (as in the McLaren F1 designer) – and he is a man of few words. He’s gone green and designed and built an urban city car. The T25. Now, I know its an ICE vehicle but it does form the basis of the far more exciting T27 EV. So click on the image and watch me struggle through an interview with one of the greats where I’m doing it on the fly.

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Lewis Fulton Director STEPS (Sustainable Transportation Energy Pathways)

I was down at the LCVP conference last week. They had a fantastic range of speakers discussing low carbon transport for the future. One of their speakers was Lew Fulton who works with the International Energy Agency in Paris and his specialism is transport energy. We chatted about the future for energy consumption and its implications in the developing world.

On another note, I’ve been playing around with the idea of a new broadcast site called Primetime EV. I’ve stuck an ident we’ve been working on at the beginning to start trying some stuff out.

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Ecorally ’10. Roger Saul,Kevin McCloud in Think EV and EV Cup

Roger Saul (top man from Mulberry) and Kevin McCloud (famous sustainable housebuilder from the telly) were driving Think EV’s at Ecorally ’10. I got a chance to have a chat with them both about how they felt about the car and the forthcoming EV Cup, which looks great.

Click on the image to view video.

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Tesla coming to The UK Motor Show

Good News. Tesla are coming to The UK Motor Show this year. It’ll be on show in the ‘EV Village’ where there will be around twenty battery electric vehicles. Joining it will be the new Super Light from Nice (pictured) aswell as GWiz, Elektromotive (those great charging posts) and a new manufacturer known as Quiet Cars….

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Low Emissions event


Camden council are hosting a low emissions event on the 22nd March. There will be seminars and discussion about the forthcoming LEZ (Low emissons zone), a presentation by the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, and case studies by pret a manger and green tomato cars. There will also be a chance to take a look at the range of electric vehicles on offer to Londoners.

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Camden Green Fair

Happy New Year to one and all. Now that winter is truly with us, (reduced range and all) my thoughts have turned to summer. Back in June we went on a green rally. This was a chance for all the electric cars in London to show some muscle (a load of Revas and an electric scooter). Camden council hosted it in Regents Park and there was music, entertainment and general fun to be had. Thumbs up to Camden for hosting this but I reckon they could take a leaf out of Westminsters book if they really wanted to encourage use of the EV in London. Keep an eye out for the boy laughing. I think he’s amazed at our embracing of a green future (he is, isn’t he..?). Click on the image to view video. (3.3 meg QT.)