On street charging bays

With the congestion charge and high parking costs, London is fast becoming a leading electric vehicle city. There’s a total of six models due to be on the roads here soon. With all these electic cars buzzing about, there’ll be a significant need for charging bays. Enter Elektromotive. You drive up to one of these little beauties and plug in right there on the street. The first intallations will be in Islington and Covent Garden in central London. Click on the image to view video. (5 meg QT).

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It’s the NICE (No Internal Combustion Engine) which is due to be previewed at the British Motor show later this week. They have been fairly secretive about it up until now, but could it be the Zenn EV Microcar you mentioned in your post…?

Please check out this TV newscast which I uploaded to Youtube:

If you think that this technology can be applied in your country,
please forward this information to business people with interests in
solving global warming and climate change.

Also, are there Carbon Offsets in your country that could use this as
a project?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and replies.

Here are its details in the EV Album webpages:

Rob Matthies
Vancouver, Canada

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