G Wiz

AC/DC Gwiz Hillclimb

Forget hillclimbs with huge amounts of torque and wheelspin. How about my DC with almost 3 year old batteries versus a new AC GWiz? The results speak for themselves. Of course, it has nothing to do with the fact that the goingreen driver in the AC was slimmer than me, nothing at all..(ahem).  Click on the image to view video. (5 meg QT).

G Wiz Our Electric Car Reva

Electric car sfx

There’s been alot in the press recently about women driving these cars. In an attempt to give myself a bit more presence at the lights,  I got a CD made up of some sound effects. Click on the image to view video ..(1.8 meg QT).


G Wiz Our Electric Car

One year in our electric car

We’ve had the car for almost a year now so it’s time for a review. The files come out pretty big (6.9meg) so I’ll sum up here for those of you without a broadband connection.


Apart from the obvious environmental considerations it compares well as a general small purpose vehicle that is very suitable for urban living.

It is more robust than I thought it would be.

It’s nippier than I thought it would be.

Parking it is a gift because it’s both small and free.

It can fit my whole family in it, though I’m not sure for how much longer…

It really is cheap to run compared to a normal car.


Range in winter is lessened. (25 miles)

Charging for 16 hours every month can be problematic to equalise the batteries if you don’t have a garage.

Safety, compared to a normal petrol engined car is questionable. Though I think it’s a better bet than a motorbike or a bicycle in London. I cycled for 17 years here and stopped after one accident too many.

All in all, I’m a big fan (as you probably guessed) who would recommend it to anyone who lives in a city such as this. Once range increases to get us outside the M25 the world will be our oyster! Click on the image to view video.


EV Events G Wiz Our Electric Car Reva

Camden Green Fair

Happy New Year to one and all. Now that winter is truly with us, (reduced range and all) my thoughts have turned to summer. Back in June we went on a green rally. This was a chance for all the electric cars in London to show some muscle (a load of Revas and an electric scooter). Camden council hosted it in Regents Park and there was music, entertainment and general fun to be had. Thumbs up to Camden for hosting this but I reckon they could take a leaf out of Westminsters book if they really wanted to encourage use of the EV in London. Keep an eye out for the boy laughing. I think he’s amazed at our embracing of a green future (he is, isn’t he..?). Click on the image to view video. (3.3 meg QT.)