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Morgan Life Car

I went to the Sexy Green Car Show at The Eden Project in Cornwall recently. The Eden Project was brilliant, but I’m not sure about their car show. They had very little of interest – just the usual major manufacturers rolling out their low emission models. But they did have the Morgan Life Car there on it’s UK debut. This is a Hydrogen fuel cell prototype that has four individual electric motors linked to each wheel. Top speed of 85mph and a 0-60 of 7.5 seconds. I’m hoping there might be something in these hydrogen fuel cell cars powering electric motors… could be a long wait though. Click on the image to view video.


Electric Cars G Wiz Reva

Chetan Maini – one of the blokes who started it all..

Chetan Maini is the deputy chairman of Reva cars in Bangalore. He designed the GWiz, and is a true innovator when it comes to electric vehicles.  I recently got the chance to meet Chetan and drive the GWiz i with him. Here’s the first film. Click on the image to view video. (11meg QT)

G Wiz Group Test

Kewet Buddy/Nice Megacity/G Wiz AC (Pt3)

And here’s a look at the AC G Wiz. Click on the image to view video (7 meg QT)

G Wiz

AC/DC Gwiz Hillclimb

Forget hillclimbs with huge amounts of torque and wheelspin. How about my DC with almost 3 year old batteries versus a new AC GWiz? The results speak for themselves. Of course, it has nothing to do with the fact that the goingreen driver in the AC was slimmer than me, nothing at all..(ahem).  Click on the image to view video. (5 meg QT).

G Wiz Our Electric Car


George Monbiot has written an article in the Guardian today entilted "Save the planet in 10 steps" – here’s point 7:
"Oblige all chains of filling stations to supply leasable electric car batteries. This provides electric cars with unlimited mileage: as the battery runs down, you pull into a forecourt. A crane lifts it out and drops in a fresh one. The batteries are charged overnight with surplus electricity from offshore wind farms. Timescale: fully operational by 2011." Garage forecourts are completely alien right now. I drive in and try and get hold of some water for the batteries every now and again and usually fail. People are buying electric cars as quickly as they can get hold of them and the infrastructure isnt there by any means. Click on the image to view video. 3.7 Meg QT.

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