The Tango Electric Car. A trip. Part 2.

Part 2. A Tango on the Freeway.

Some specs for you.

0-60: 4 seconds
Top Speed: 150 mph
Width: 41 inches.
Seats: 2.

Click on the image to view video.

4 replies on “The Tango Electric Car. A trip. Part 2.”

After seeing these videos on the Tango, i can really understand why this guy likes it. This little car looks funky, but it is not the steriotype of an electric car. I am doing a series of web banners for a school projcet on this super clean car, and it seems like a lot of fun to drive. I am a Smart owner, but really, if i had a lot of money, id invest in one of these cars as a second car.

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