Volvo C30 Electric

Volvo C30 Electric

A look around the Volvo C30 all electric with one of Volvo’s Product Managers (poor bloke – spent my whole time telling him to stand here, move there..). I’m liking this car a lot. It seems to have ticked all the boxes and even comes fully loaded with those great Volvo safety features. Click on the image to view video.

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Another EV joins the fray! Well- looks like the same size battery pack as the Leaf, but a little less advertised range- either the car is heavier (likely, given Volvo’s history- weight = safety), or they are being more careful with the battery- or both. It will be interesting (and helpful!) once more EVs are actually being sold in volume, so some real-world comparisons can be done. I’m sure, like the ICE vehicles, there will be trade-offs in areas of performance- and some will just be better-built, better-designed- but we just won’t know for sure for awhile;-)

And the Volvo Product Manager- either I am getting a lot older, or he is really, really young! He looked like a High Schooler! (sadly, my thinning pate probably indicates which scenario is most likely;-)

Thanks for another video, Danny!

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